Beispiel-Workflows und Benutzer

The demo company

Let me introduce you to the people of our little demo company:

  • Master Admin, the man with all rights reserved. He has "root" like access to all functionalities.
    • Username: admin
  • Conny Ceomatic, the warm-hearted CEO of the successful demo company
    • Username: conny
  • Bert Boss, glorious head of "a" department. Conny is his direct superior.
    • Username: bert
  • Ullrich User, best employee of "a" department. Bert is his boss.
    • Username: ullrich
  • Petra Purchase, responsible for purchase
    • Username: petra
  • Helpdesk User, the women you call in despair. Oh wait, don't call her - write a ticket!
    •  Username: helpdesk_user
  • Helpdesk Admin User, chief of the helpdesk team. Our man for special problems
    • Username: helpdesk_admin_user
  • Test User, poor thing. No rights, lots of work...
    • Username: test



The demo workflows

Purchase request

The "purchase request" workflow demonstrates a process including usage of the superior data of each user, and the usage of branching depending on a workflow field, in our example the amount.




Trouble ticket

The IT department uses a trouble ticket tool based on ullright's workflow module "ullFlow" to manage their support requests:



Unified tasks list

One big advantage of the ullFlow workflow module is having all workflow-documents in the same system.


This allows for a view similiar to "my desktop", where each user can see all documents that are assigned to him: